Celestial Releases

Skipping Stones Records
Dream On - SKIP009
01. Brighton Girls
02. Horoscope
03. Saving My Presence
04. The Boy Who Never Says Goodbye
05. Dream On
06. Fragile Heart
07. Nothing Happens; Twice
08. Lake Como
09. Springtide Day
10. Bluebell Meadow
11. Pale Blue Eyes
12. The Sunshine of Your Smile

Music Is My Girlfriend Recordings

Lost Music Recordings (UK)
In a similar vein to their second ep - Celestial make some of the best indie pop I have heard in ages on this their debut ep. The songs are key and they are under-pinned by some fuzzed up and dreamy guitar sounds. I know the releases are all back to front - that 2 came before 1. But, that’s just the way it worked out. If this was my world, Celestial would be the soundtrack to 2006. Thankfully, the tracks are now here for download Celestial can be the soundtrack to your year too.

Celestial - ep1 (lost07)
01. saving my presence
02. in amaze
03. dream on
04. the boy who never says goodbye
05. black letter

Celestial - ep2 (lost06)
01. lake como
02. nothing happens; twice
03. the sunshine of your smile
04. neglect
05. longing for sunset