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Posted by koolmags on Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 08:19:27:

Since I hardly ever listen to music these days, because of Euro 2008, it's hard to come up with favourites. One album has been haunting me for a while now though: SAM AMIDON's"ALL IS WELL". It's a collection of Appalachian songs done with seldom heard melancholia. Beautiful stringarrarrangements recorded on Iceland. One song, "O Death", makes me weep instantly.

More uplifitng stuff: "THE IN-KRAUT Vol. 3" on Marina Records. Sixties & seventies stuff from, then, West-Germany.
More Germany: Klaus Dinger of NEU died three months ago. The debut 1971 album from the band is a must if you want to know where STEREOLAB got their influences from. Even THE CHARADE go kraut on the next album :-)

And of course there is THE EXPLORERS CLUB as mentioned by Mikael before.


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