The Year Zero"three song EP" (CDR)


Three songs from the upcoming release "Oceania, I Will Return"
This is a hand numbered edition of 300 EPs

Their full length "Oceania, I Will Return" is available here

The Year Zero is Rodney Sellars, Lili de la Mora and a Tascam 424. This is the limited edition three-song pre-release to their anticipated debut album, “Oceania, I Will Return,” featuring a handmade origami sleeve created by singer Lili de la Mora. The Year Zero invokes early dream pop and shoegaze, pushing the limits of a four track to create lush, futuristic soundscapes, reminiscent of early Lush, Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Both prophetic and enchanting, The Year Zero conjures stories and images like a soundtrack for the future, the post-apocalypse what if, just you and me. When the earth is born again, dream along to the past and the future, to the year zero

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