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Popfest! New England 2005
Northampton, MA
September 29th - October 1st

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Love and Pop,

William + Christine

UPDATE October 2nd

Thanks to EVERYONE for helping make the Popfest a success
We will be posting photos soon - stay tuned!

Asobi Seksu, NYC
The AV Club, New Haven, CT
Baskervilles, NYC
Beauty Sleep, Brooklyn, NY
The Besties, Brooklyn, NY
Cars Can Be Blue, Northampton, MA
The Cavemen Go, New Haven, CT
Colin Clary & The Magogs, Burlington, VT
Dırğin, Reykjavik, Iceland
Emperor X, NYC
The Metric Mile, NYC
Mittens, Boston, MA
The Nuclear Waste Management Club, Northampton, MA / Portland, ME
My Teenage Stride, NYC
Pants Yell!, Boston, MA
Ponies in the Surf, Boston, MA
The Secret Ink, New Haven, CT
Seekonk, Portland, ME
The Sharp Things, NYC
Shot Heard Around the World, Portland, ME
Shumai, Boston, MA
The Smittens, Burlington, VT
The Specific Heats, Boston, MA
superfallingstars, New Haven, CT
Trembling Blue Stars, London, UK

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