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Here are some photos from this year's popfest




Here is the line up in alpabetical order:

Beauty Sleep, Brooklyn, NY -

The Besties, Brooklyn, NY -

The Brother Kite, Providence, RI -

The Butterflies of Love, New Haven, CT -

Bunnygrunt, St. Louis, MO -

Dyrdin, Reykjavik, Iceland -

Hands and Knees, Boston, MA -

Human Television, Philadelphia, PA -

The Icicles, Grand Rapids, MI -

The L’il Hospital, Washington, DC -

Locas in Love, Cologne, Germany -

Math & Physics Club, Seattle, WA -

My Teenage Stride, NYC -

Palomar, Brooklyn, NY -

Panda Riot, Philadelphia, PA -

Polar Bear Parade, Brooklyn, NY -

Ponies in the Surf, Boston, MA -

The Sawtelles, Plantsville, CT -

School for the Dead, Northampton, MA -

Secret Shine, Bristol, UK -

The Smittens, Burlington, VT -

The Snow Fairies, Philadelphia, PA -

The Specific Heats, Boston, MA -

Spouse, Northampton, MA -

Surefire Broadcast, Southern NJ -

The Juliet Kilo, Boston, MA -

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