Popfest! New England 2008



November 7,8,9 @ The Elevens, Northampton, MA USA

Here's our schedule as of September 21st. Of course, things may change. Bands may be added-subtracted or moved around based on things like plane tickets, vans breaking down, people falling down and breaking their leg, abducted by twee aliens etc. I think you understand, right?
Check out the BANDS page for more info about each one.

Friday, November 7: doors @ 8pm
The Fawns
The Up Set
The Lil' Hospital
The Specific Heats
Surefire Broadcast
The Sterns
The Besties

Saturday, November 8: Doors @ 8pm
Dream Bitches
Magnus – The Charade / Happydeadmen
The Smittens
Maybe It's Reno
Utah Rangers

Sunday, November 9: Doors @ 8pm
Math the Band
Lima Research Society
The Hat Company
The 500s
The Toothaches

Sunday Matinee: Doors @ 3pm
Jason Bourgeois (Bourgeois Heroes)
The Inclined Plane
Boy Genius
One Happy Island


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