Northampton, MA November 4 - 6 2004

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07, November: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -- ALL OF YOU, for making the Popfest a big success! We now have Popfest! New England t-shirts for sale in three lovely colors: Green Apple, Grape and Bubblegum!


these photos are in alphabetical order. if anyone wants more info about them, or larger hi-res versions, please e mail me. thanks!

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This Popfest was patterned after many previous popfests put on by members of the Indiepop list**. Here is a description of the basics of Indiepop courtesy of Peter Hahndorf for more info, please visit
"The Indiepop mailing-list is devoted to discussion of independently produced pop music, the kind that tends to come out on small-run seven-inch singles with handmade sleeves.(or limited run CDs and CD-R's - edit by william) They call it "wimpy" and "twee", but Pop Kids everywhere know that the true spirit of Punk Rock lives on not in the mass-marketed "alternative" scene, or the sub-metal caterwauling of testosterone-poisoned grunge-rockers, but in the simple and pure efforts of kids banging out sweet delicious songs on cheap guitars."

** Just so you'll know, we're not affiliated with the indiepop list -- other than being subscribed to it for almost ten years.

We are VERY excited about this Popfest and looking forward to seeing a lot of old (and new) friends there. Please keep checking back for updates, look at the forum or subscribe to the list.

Love and Pop,
William & Christine

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