The Charade

The Charade was born from a chance meeting at a spring party in Stockholm, where Mikael heard Magnus spinning records. An instant indiepop rapport began between Magnus and Mikael, and they soon realized they had the makings of a perfect Swedish pop band. Magnus brought to this new musical venture a treasure trove of new material as well as major cred as the guitarist in Happydeadmen, combining the sounds of the Housemartins and the Smiths to emerge as one of Sweden’s first indie pop bands in 1988. Their fresh and crisp sound paved the way for bands like The Cardigans, Popsicle and 90s indiepop in Sweden. Happydeadmen’s discography includes releases by such labels as Trampolene/Polydor (Japan) and Torpedo (Sweden), culminating in a compilation of ten years of hdm: “happydeadmen classics – a decade in pop,” released by SummerSound, which later became Labrador. Their success was marked by tours in Japan, the US, Sweden and songs on over a dozen compilations released all over the world.

Mikael came of age musically through the “boy-girl jangle pop perfection” of Red Sleeping Beauty in the 1990s. Red Sleeping Beauty’s discography includes EPs, 7” Records and LPs released by labels from Germany and Spain to the US and Japan, including Marsh-Marigold Records (Germany), Quince (Japan), Somersault and Sunday Records (US). Mikael spent the late 1990s further perfecting his style in the Shermans, who blended their simple, straightforward observations on love and life with their signature twee pop sound with lush girl vocals. All of that magical love pop must have settled on Mikael and the latest angelic voice to grace the Shermans releases, Ingela, as they fell in love and married.

Since 2002, Magnus had written and recorded songs with Joe Algeri, a friend from Australia. Alas, Joe moved back to Perth and Magnus was left with no musical kin. After the chance meeting with Mikael in Stockholm in 2004, both were excited to develop a new project, yet some distance got in the way. They tried a new method of sending recordings across the net, using both Magnus’ work and new songs written collaboratively. Magnus provided the lyrics and the guitars, Mikael programmed and played the drums, bass, pianos, organs and synthesizers and Ingela contributed layers of delightful vocals.

After much debate, they settled on The Charade for a name, creating a sound that builds upon the Shermans’ brand of sunshine pop and the jangly guitar of the Happydeadmen. The Charade brings to the world a relentlessly catchy brand of genius pop that only the Swedish can dream up, proving, The Best is Yet to Come.

Ingela Matsson – Vocals
Mikael Matsson – Keyboards, bass & programming
Magnus Karlsson – Acoustic & electric guitars + backing vocals