The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

Lying On My Couch
Music: Magnus Karlsson & Mikael Mattsson – Lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

Lying on my couch
Preparing for the comedown
I have to go to work, but I think I’ll call in sick
And leave it all behind
Don’t think they’ll miss me, don’t think they bother
To call me

And if they want me I’ll be here to show them
That every suspicion is true

There’s so much tv to watch, so many books to read, I think I need to practice. My life on the dole
Organize my time, drinking all that wine and do a lot of shopping

And if they…

Middle: This is how I am, this is my intention
Don’t know how I feel, but I know how to cure it
Stepping out the door, feeling all the tention

And if they…

Nothing’s important and no one can tell me to
Do what I don’t wanna do