The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

Monday Morning
Music: Magnus Karlsson & Mikael Mattsson – Lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

Could you step aside for a while?
Then cover up your stupid smile
It’s Monday morning breakfast’s ready
I hold on to my cup so steady
The radio seems to be on repeat
Worthless hymns from across the street
I beg you not to wear that shirt
You disobey. So down to earth

If it was was our lifetime savings
I’d flush them down in no time
If it meant a life together
I ’d be glad to do that

I’m happy just to be with you
I have my wedding ring to show
But sometimes things go out of hand
On Monday mornings I can hardly stand
That I’m so tired and you’re so uptight
Wake me up and leave it’s all right
And when we meet again at seven
We might as well be in heaven