The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

On the Bar
Music & lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

Wow, the world is just enough, I don’t wanna get off
But I wish I was prepared, to limit my….
…despair and seek for laughter, having fun makes life go faster
But who wants to live forever when time costs money?
Maybe someone will deny my intention
Maybe someone won’t tonight
I’m on the bar and making silly remarks
Situations getting worse by the minute

How, come life is not enough, players play too rough
Ignoring rules set up, by unknown people
Stop, my place is here on top of every living soul that claims
Their right to be … uncool

My credit card is bleeding and I can’t remember

Another drink and things will be out of hand
And life continues after the rain
It even recalls my name
I’m ready to open my mouth
But I don’t have much to say
I don’t have much to say

No I don’t have enough to say