The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

Stories Remain Untold
Music & lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

Are you ready? Ready to open your heart?
And behave like you did from the start
Assemble the things we’ve built up!
I hope it’s not over
Stories remain untold

We witnessed so much now we’re old
But young enough to go on
Without a quarrel
It’s a sad thing really
It’s like rising up from the grave
It’s a bad thing really

It’s like doing it all over again
Doing it all over again

It must be of great importance
Must be about life and you and me

Could you hear me the times when I needed you most?
Or did I appeal to your ghost
Wish you could listen to this
If you’re not sleeping

Safe and sound in your dreams
The minute you wake up it seems
That nothing has happened at all
Like you were immune

It’s sad thing….