The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

What Do You See In Me
Music: Magnus Karlsson & Mikael Mattsson – Lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

Sacred cows, killed and eaten
Telling lies and always cheatin’
I’m no angel, god’s my witness
But you don’t care, I wonder why

What do you see in me?

What do you hear in my voice?
Why care for my wellbeing
When I’m so underachieving
In the long run.

Maybe you see different sides of me
Qualities I thought I lacked

What do you see in ...
What do you hear in...

Unaware of my own condition
You seem to care for facts not fiction
Problems solved and we’re back to normal
No medication needed, it’s all right again.

How come you seem so understanding
Wonder how you manage to be emotional

What do...

Why do you care for me
Don’t know if I care for you