The Best is Yet to Come
Available in stores: June, 2005

When Trouble Comes Our Way
Music & lyrics: Magnus Karlsson

I don’t want to hear no more. about how you feel and what you need
People seem to think what for, they don’t know about, what it’s really like

Yesterday I was so bored, but now it’s fine again, no need to stay away
Life is always up and down, tensions come and go, that’s all we ever show

Thinking about you, forgetting about you
Then dreaming about you, I wake up without you

What seems like an endless struggle is just another day

How come we don’t give up when trouble comes our way

I don’t want to say for sure, come on back to me let’s make up and see
You don’t have to ask for more, I am always here, now it’s all to clear

Tomorrow is a different day, not troublesome, just lots of fun
Reason is on its way, all those questions asked, meant nothing


It’s ok to be honest but spare your harsh words
So come on don’t be shy just open your heart

Open it honey don’t wait too long I’m here for you honey

We shouldn’t give up when trouble comes our way