Oceania, I Will Return


Lost Music

The Year Zero are a duo - Rodney Sellers and Lili De Le Mora. And between them they manage to conjure up some beautiful and atmospheric indie pop. Like an under powered My Bloody Valentine if you like. The songs shift and change form. Like oil floating on water. Or something. Either way this 12 track LP is another delicate and understated beauty. It takes time for the gentle and floaty pop sounds to work their charms on you. But given a few listens 'Oceania, I will return' rewards the listener amply.

The acoustic strum that permeates the songs belies a beauty in sound that is rarely found. If I wanted to label The Year Zero - I'd have to call them mellow shoegazers. The structures to the songs are those that could fall into that sonic soundscape, but the band hold back from the sonic assualt and thereby they create a sound that is both their own and impossible not to like. This is ambient pop music that is perfect for hot summer days. You can nearly hear the heathaze drifting out of the speakers.

This is a lovely record. And I don't why people might think 'lovely' isn't high praise. Because it is intended as such. This is a record that allows you to immerse yourself in.

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